Trondheim RugbyKlubb

Welcome to the Trondheim RugbyKlubb!

The Trondheim RugbyKlubb is a volunteer organisation bringing together people with a passion for Rugby. Registered as a club in 2002, TRK was a dormant club for 13 years. In late 2014 there was interest in starting a new Rugby League club in the city. After discussions within the Trondheim Rugby community it was decided a larger ‘umbrella’ club was required to accommodate the various Rugby interests in Trondheim. The club was resurrected in January 2015, signalling a new era in Trondheim Rugby.¬†Trondheim RugbyKlubb incorporates Rugby League, Rugby Union and Wheelchair Rugby, for Men, Women and Children of all ages. As Rugby is a developing sport in Norway we believe there are real benefits of a unified Rugby family in Trondheim. Unity gives Rugby in Trondheim stability and community. Our members are drawn from many different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. This unity and diversity is our strength.

Our Vision: Lead development of Rugby in Trondheim.

Our Objective: Offer social and competitive Rugby for all in Trondheim.

Our Values: Acceptance, Integrity, and Respect.